Useful Videos

Sometimes I think my students are actual insects.

You turn on a video and all of a sudden everybody starts to move towards the bright warm light of the screen and their eyes grow large and sort of “bug out.” You know the look. You’ve talked all day supplying them priceless information only to have every word you say go in one ear and out of the other and yet, once that video goes on, you ACTUALLY HAVE THEIR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.

Such power comes with a great responsibility.

Thankfully there are soooo00OooOOOo0 many videos out there with great information that you can use in your classroom.


Check out the resources below:


Sexy Spanish Accent

Hispanic Heritage Month:  

La Familia Real de España (Family Unit/ Easy comprehension)

“I’m Bringing Conjugations Back…yeah!”

Las Posadas: 

7 types of Latinos in Every Family (good for thanksgiving, family unit): 

Amazon Abuela (for a good laugh):

Forced to Take Spanish Class

Juego de Pelota (Mayan Ball Game / sports unit):

Different Latin Breakfasts:

When your parents don’t speak English (funny video):

¿Puedo ir al baño?

Ser vs. Estar

Prepositions song/rhyme:

¿Eres tú mi mama? (Great listening comprehension activity!)

Not latino enough… (great video for identity projects and self worth/history lessons):

Baila con tu Cuerpo