Classroom Decor

Get creative!

La Tienda – an awards system where students earn “cien dólares” for whatever reason and can cash them in for rewards! And they must ask in Spanish obvi…

Locker Signs – Even when their eyes wander and they try to look at anything BUT you, make sure it’s stuff in Spanish! Snag some awesome locker signs for free here

Doorway Signs – Greetings and goodbyes for students to use when entering/exiting your classroom. Reinforces both Spanish and manners, like for the love…

Frase de la Semana – If you choose to incorporate this into your classroom, make it bold and beautiful! Link to my “frase de la semana” resource here

Cultural Items – C’mon now, be culturally responsive and showcase the beauty of the world.

Plants – My kids love to ask if the cactus is real and then immediately touch it and prick themselves… I just can’t sometimes… but seriously, get some plants, liven up the space. Bonus points for cool pots (like my Day of the Dead pot! Ahhh!!!)

Organization system – who says this can’t double as decor?! For real though, organize your life and your students – don’t be sloppy. I like having daily bins for pick-up work that the students can access.

Student Work– Sometimes, they really do make you proud. Showcase that shiz.