Procedures. Are. Key.

I love my students forever and ever but I need things to flow in order to maintain my classes of 30-40 kids and avoid disruption and most importantly, fights, at all costs. Yeah, it will still happen, there are just some things that are out of your control, but we can limit the numbers! My … More Procedures. Are. Key.

Need a good laugh?

Real stories from real kids.     S: “Don Luciano, tú eres muy dramático” T:     ____________________________________________________________________________________________   T: “has anybody seen Ms J. today?” S: “Yeah she’s here, but it’s not a good day for her – she’s all in her feelings” T:   ____________________________________________________________________________________________   S: “Do I sound Puerto Rican yet?!” … More Need a good laugh?

Classroom Decor

Get creative! La Tienda – an awards system where students earn “cien dólares” for whatever reason and can cash them in for rewards! And they must ask in Spanish obvi… Locker Signs – Even when their eyes wander and they try to look at anything BUT you, make sure it’s stuff in Spanish! Snag some … More Classroom Decor

Buzz Wordzz (Education)

For when you have no idea what they’re talking about…   Accomodations vs. Modifications Accomodations = change how a student learns the material **Reading the questions out loud on a quiz   Modifications = change the material **changing the questions altogether for something easier   Bloom’s Taxonomy This is a theory that refers to higher … More Buzz Wordzz (Education)


My top 10 tips for absolutely crushing your evaluations. Despite the fact that your evaluator decided to observe you the day AFTER you just did the most amazing project you’ve ever designed ever… it just be like that sometimes.   #1) Evidence. HARD COPIES. Seriously. Bring in everything that is going to be addressed during … More Evaluations

Classroom Management

As promised, I will always keep it real with you, and with that said, classroom management is an area of growth for me. However, where I was day one and where I am today seems like two different worlds. I would like to think that classroom management, similar to all other areas of teaching, is … More Classroom Management

Spanish Student Names

I love to have all my students choose a “Spanish name” for the year. They seem to really enjoy it and a few weeks in I promise you’ll hear them in the hallway shouting “aayy Fernando what’s good?!”  or “Hola Victorcito where you going?!” I also join in on the fun and go by “Don Luciano” which … More Spanish Student Names

Useful Videos

Sometimes I think my students are actual insects. You turn on a video and all of a sudden everybody starts to move towards the bright warm light of the screen and their eyes grow large and sort of “bug out.” You know the look. You’ve talked all day supplying them priceless information only to have … More Useful Videos