Latin American Studies 101

When I was given a classroom of 41 students, all of which came in at a different levels of Spanish, I was scrambling to put together a class. At the end of the day, I came up with this idea of “Latin American Studies 101” and put a heavy emphasis on culture with little bits of Spanish here and there. Best. Choice. Ever.

Day in and day out, we had projects based on really neat cultural components of Latin America and I got to see a side of my students I hadn’t seen before in such a rigid language learning setting. I began to develop projects that really exercised their brains and allowed for critical thought, creativity, and teamwork.



Below are some of the best projects from the year!

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Model United Nations/Natural Disaster

Trade Game:

Amazon Rainforest:

UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

Piñata Party:

Moorish Rule of Spain/ Architecture Challenge:

House on Mango Street Book Study:

Cultural Riddles:

Famous Latinos Meet n Greet